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“If you spent the past year investing where KeyStone Financial told you to, you would probably be watching me on a big expensive television…average gain of over 60%”

- Colin Gray, CTV National News
“KeyStone Financial has built an impressive investment track record with their stock recommendations. The average gain among all stocks they’ve recommended (1998) is 62.15%. Of the 22 companies they featured, 12 have gained more than 100% and only four could be categorized as losers.”

- Brian Lewis-Business Editor, The Vancouver Province
“My SCR subscription is almost expired and I need to renew it. It has been such a valuable with the advice paying for the service multiple times over.”

- Colin Gray, CTV National News


- Pete, KeyStone Subscriber
“Yours is definitely the BEST Canadian investment service that I have found. Bar none! Keep up the great service!”

- Ewald, KeyStone Subscriber
“I speak glowingly about my financial friends at KeyStone Financial – and why not? They have helped restore my confidence in the market. I am now able to take a position in companies without fear, knowing that if the price should drop, it will come back, because the strong fundamentals of the companies they bring forward. For the price of a subscription, I can claim to have my own financial advisers, working diligently on my behalf. This tribute is done without prompting. I have always believed that good things should be said now and not put off for another day.”

- Subscriber, Corner Brook, Newfoundland
“My Keystone portfolio of 16 stocks is up 56% since last Feb. 2010 (one year).”

- Geraldt, KeyStone Subscriber, February 21, 2011.
“Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the note.

Yes I bought this stock (The Cash Store Australia) at 1.50 when it had heavy trading about 6 months ago. I first bought CSF (The Cash Store) on your recommendation from the Calgary Herald article. I then bought AUC from another Calgary Herald article you wrote. Hence the reason I am now a subscriber.”

- Geraldt, KeyStone Subscriber, February 21, 2011.


- Brian, KeyStone Subscriber

Thank you for getting back to me - I have been a platinum client now for almost a year and have been extremely satisfied with Ryan and yours level of research and expertise in finding these companies. With your help over this period, I have been able to see some very nice gains in the likes of World Point, Cash Store, and MOSAID.

Again, thanks for your response and have a great weekend.”


- Reeve, KeyStone Subscriber
“I have been delighted with my returns so far to both my income and GARP picks. Will you remind me via email of renewal time automatically or do I need to put it in my calendar?”


RGB, KeyStone Subscriber

“Have checked out all your recommended companies, including your updates, and I am very impressed with your selections and I am looking forward to trading based on your info. Thanks very much, enjoy your newsletter it is excellent.”

- Subscriber, White Rock, BC
“To everyone at KeyStone. Have a great New Year. You all have certainly made this year a profitable one for me!”

- Eva Kleinman, KeyStone Subscriber
“Thanks for your reply.

I have been quite happy with the Income Stocks Reports especially, and Small-Cap as well. I was up $32,000 Monday and $7000 today on mostly Keystone picks.”

- Dave Lawrence, KeyStone Subscriber

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