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The Tax Free Savings Account is a powerful tool for investors to significantly increase their after tax investment returns and portfolio size over time. In spite of its obvious merits, the TFSA is highly underutilized by Canadian investors.
  • Allows investors to generate capital gains, dividend and interest income on a completely tax free basis.
  • Provides flexibility for investors with respect to contributions and withdrawals.
  • DOES NOT negatively impact income tested benefits such as medical, old age security (OAS) , the guaranteed income supplement (GIS), or employment insurance (EI) – (as does the RRSP).

An investor contributes $5,000 per year to their portfolio for a 20 year time horizon and generates an average return of 8% per year with an effective tax rate of 25%.

$247,115 $194,963

The TFSA generates additional capital of nearly $50,000 (25% higher than the regular investing account) without any extra effort or risk. There is no reason why Canadian investors should not fully utilize this important tool.

KeyStone’s Analyst Hosted Q&A Session
  • KeyStones next exclusive “client only” weekly SCR chat sessions is scheduled for:

  • Date: 8/20/2018
    Time: 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time/8:30 p.m. Eastern Time
Duration: 1 hour

Latest Research Reports

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  • “If you spent the past year investing where KeyStone Financial told you to, you would probably be watching me on a big expensive television…average gain of over 60%”
  • - Colin Gray, CTV National News
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  • - Ewald, KeyStone Client
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  • “My Keystone portfolio of 16 stocks is up 56% since last Feb. 2010 (one year).”
  • - Geraldt, KeyStone Client, February 21, 2011.
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  • “Thank you for getting back to me - I have been a platinum client now for almost a year and have been extremely satisfied with Ryan and yours level of research and expertise in finding these companies. With your help over this period, I have been able to see some very nice gains in the likes of World Point, Cash Store, and MOSAID.”
  • - Reeve, KeyStone Client
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  • “I have been quite happy with the Income Stocks Reports especially, and Small-Cap as well. I was up $32,000 Monday and $7000 today on mostly Keystone picks.”
  • - Dave Lawrence, KeyStone Subscriber