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Why Become a Client of KeyStone’s Small-Cap Research Service?
Quite simply, you gain access to growth & earnings-based stocks you can find nowhere else.
  • First coverage on high growth, profitable stocks that are trading at low prices.
  • Independent and updated BUY/SELL/HOLD Stock Reports.
  • Unsurpassed 12-year track record (link to track record page) of uncovering great small caps with strong fundamentals.

Each month, Platinum Membership includes real time delivery of:
  • New Buy Report/Upgrade Buy Reports
  • FLASH Update Reports (BUY/SELL/HOLD Ratings)
  • NEW Active Portfolio’s Feature Tracking KeyStone’s Our Top Focus BUY Model Portfolio and Additional Special Coverage List.
  • Salient Market Commentary with Quick Top Buys
  • Archived Research History (Annual Membership)
  • 52 Interactive Weekly Q&A Chat Sessions Hosted by KeyStone Analysts – No other service offers you this type of weekly analyst interaction
  • Current “Action Notes” in our Active Portfolios
  • KeyStone’s Active Monitor List
  • Access to all “Special Reports” – Our Annual Cash Rich Reports, Opportunities Report, Annual Breakthrough/Turnaround Report.

New Special Bonus

  • You receive our 75 page starter guide, KeyStone's Equity PlayBook - designed to take clients through every step of the stock investment process from finding the best discount brokerage, to allocating the appropriate level of cash in your Small-Cap and/or Income Stock portfolios to knowing what to BUY, when to SELL and everything in between - a great tool for novice and experienced investors alike.
KeyStone’s Small-Cap Research Service
Our Small-Cap Research Service provides serious investors with specific BUY/SELL/HOLD advice on undervalued micro, small, and mid-cap growth and value stocks. Real companies, producing real revenue and earnings growth, trading at low prices - How do we do it? We simply dig deeper and search further into areas where traditional big bank or large institutional research will not look - providing you with independent first coverage on some of Canada's fastest growing small-cap stocks. Our independent analysts have a very successful track record (link to track record page) of recommending small-caps with tremendous upside potential, before the broader financial arena.

We are investors, not traders. We recommend you buy businesses, not stock symbols.

For those unfamiliar with how our services works we can sum it up with the following
“5 Steps to Use KeyStone’s Research Services”
Sign-up for either our Small-Cap or Income Stock Research Service or our full premium package (both) – read about the services and find out which meets your equity research needs.
Set-up an account with a discount brokerage (many of you will already have one). This will allow you to buy and sell the stocks on our recommendations in the most cost effective manner (in most cases $10 or under per transaction). For those that do not currently trade through a discount brokerage our Starter Guide has a very useful Canadian Brokerage Survey to help you select an appropriate broker for you.
Read through our helpful Starter Guide - KeyStone's Equity PlayBook. When you become a client, you will immediately gain access to KeyStone’s Equity PlayBook, a simple PDF booklet that will help you maximize the effectiveness of our service. The guide provides simple information including how to understand the basics of KeyStone’s research service, layout your investment goals and understand your risk tolerance, help determine your asset (capital) allocation, how to locate a great discount broker for trading (or to switch to), how to acquire great stocks for your portfolio, how to effectively monitor your portfolio from a long-term perspective, and finally how to expand your investment knowledge.
Begin building the equity (stock) component of your portfolio – with a focus on growth. Core to our service is our stock specific BUY, SELL, & HOLD recommendations which you receive via email (PDF format) and are posted in your account on our website (PDF format) – telling you what to BUY, when to HOLD, and when to SELL. You can choose to mirror one of a number of our portfolios by buying positions in each of the current BUY recommendations or select the individual companies that suit you best from our research and build your own growth or income portfolios. We recommend you take a long-term approach and build your portfolio(s) with strategic purchases over a 6 month to year period and add to or sell individual stocks as we recommend over time.
Review and re-balance your portfolio over time. As your growth and/or income stock portfolio(s) take shape and grow over the years, stocks you hold will be continuously updated via our update reports and you will be periodically advised to alter existing positions (SELL HALF or all of your position).
“A New Twist on Time Tested Research Methodology – we know stocks”
On the heels of the 2008 financial crisis and the past decade (2000-2010) where investors saw their dollars invested in major North American indexes including the S&P 500 post negative returns in the range of -23%, investors are looking for better solutions for their portfolios.

Traditional mutual funds and jack-of-all trade financial advisors do not cut it anymore. Equities (stocks) form the most important component of your portfolio. For investors with beyond a 10 year horizon, equities can often comprise around 70% of your portfolio and should be responsible for the majority of the growth within your portfolio. Moreover, for those close to or in retirement (link to our income service), the dividends provided by strong, cash flow positive equities can provide the income necessary to supplement your existing pension or other income vehicles.

Trusting all of this critical growth area of your portfolio to traditional financial advisors whose knowledge is stretched thin between his or her retirement, insurance, estate planning, and taxation responsibilities or to traditional fund managers, who charge too much and continually underperform the market, just does not make sense.

At KeyStone, all we do is stocks. We are not financial planners, we do not perform financings for the companies we research, we simply search for the best small-cap growth and income producing stocks for your portfolio. It is a different model, but we believe it is the best one out there and our long-term clients agree (link to testimonials page).

KeyStone continues to use a simple, but highly effective strategy - literally poring over the financial statements of 1,000s of potential investments to target low priced, profitable stocks before the broader market identifies their tremendous growth potential. We interview management and continue to follow them on your behalf, giving you specific BUY/SELL/HOLD advice designed to help you profit long term as an “investor,” not as a speculative trader.

You want growth, your portfolio needs growth, but you want a level of safety with that long-term growth. We help you buy profitable, underfollowed small-cap stocks to help provide you with that growth, at great prices.
How do we do it? - The Proof is in over a Decade of Excellent Results
Year Average Return Date
2017 31.42% Jan 26, 2018
2016 15.39% Jan 22, 2017
2015 14.71% Jan 22, 2016
2014 14.01% Jan 23, 2015
2013 45.68% Jan 17, 2014
2012 83.49% Jan 18, 2013
2011 11.58% Jan 27, 2012
2010 48.32% Jan 21, 2011
2009 79.02% Jan 15, 2010
2008 1.02% Jan 16, 2009
2006 5.73% Jan 20, 2007
2005 40.20% Jan 21, 2006
2004 38.29% Jan 21, 2005
2003 78.87% Jan 16, 2004
2002 11.19% Jan 18, 2003
2001 22.37% Jan 16, 2002
2000 14.10% Jan 31, 2001
1999 83.00% Jan 31, 2000
1998 62.15% Jan 15, 1999
“19-YEAR AVERAGE GAIN: 36.87%”
Returns presented here are based on an equally weighted average of all featured companies throughout that year, if one were to buy an equal amount in each company recommended and held to the closing price on the specified da tes. In 2007 the service was unavailable for 6 month’s as Key­Stone transitioned from a 5 publication subscription based service to a real-time research service via one interface. As such, a one year sample is not available for 2007. It should not be assumed that the past performance of any companies featured in our research will equal future performance.
“A New Twist on Time Tested Research Methodology – we know stocks”
On the heels of the 2008 financial crisis and the past decade (2000-2010) where investors saw their dollars invested in major North American indexes including the S&P 500 post negative returns in the range of -23%, investors are looking for better solutions for their portfolios.

KeyStone’s Analyst Hosted Q&A Session
  • KeyStones next exclusive “client only” weekly SCR chat sessions is scheduled for:

  • Date: 8/20/2018
    Time: 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time/8:30 p.m. Eastern Time
Duration: 1 hour

Latest Research Reports

  • textmonials
  • “If you spent the past year investing where KeyStone Financial told you to, you would probably be watching me on a big expensive television…average gain of over 60%”
  • - Colin Gray, CTV National News
  • textmonials
  • “Yours is definitely the BEST Canadian investment service that I have found. Bar none! Keep up the great service!”
  • - Ewald, KeyStone Client
  • textmonials
  • “My Keystone portfolio of 16 stocks is up 56% since last Feb. 2010 (one year).”
  • - Geraldt, KeyStone Client, February 21, 2011.
  • textmonials
  • “Thank you for getting back to me - I have been a platinum client now for almost a year and have been extremely satisfied with Ryan and yours level of research and expertise in finding these companies. With your help over this period, I have been able to see some very nice gains in the likes of World Point, Cash Store, and MOSAID.”
  • - Reeve, KeyStone Client
  • textmonials
  • “I have been quite happy with the Income Stocks Reports especially, and Small-Cap as well. I was up $32,000 Monday and $7000 today on mostly Keystone picks.”
  • - Dave Lawrence, KeyStone Subscriber