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Income/Growth (Dividend) Stock Research Service
Below is a selection of sample reports to give investors a reference point for the type of research we provide on a monthly basis to our clientele. We have included two initial reports, two updates, and a market commentary. All companies actively covered in our 3 portfolios (aggressive, moderate, and conservative) are updated regularly with current BUY/SELL/HOLD ratings. We do not provide a sample of our model portfolios as the portfolios and current ratings are for our paid customers only. Investors should not assume these sample reports include our most recent rating on the stock in question and should therefore not use these reports for investment purposes, only to familiarize themselves with KeyStone’s ISR Research Service.

Initial Reports (BUY, SPEC BUY Ratings)

High Liner Foods Incorporated (HLF:TSX)
High Liner Foods Incorporated (HLF:TSX) is a branded retail food distributor and one of the largest wholesale seafood distributors to the North American restaurant industry. The company was recommended in November of 2011 at $15.00 (with an income yield of 2.3%) and currently trades at $20.10 for a total gain of over 35%. High Liner was recommended as a result of its recent growth initiatives including the acquisition of assets from Icelandic Group which have generated accelerated earnings and cash flow growth. The company traded at a substantial discount to its peer group, has increased its dividend substantially over the previous 3 years, and maintains at attractive growth profile.

Company Updates (BUY, SELL, SELL-HALF, HOLD Ratings)

Canmarq REIT (CMQ.UN)
Canmarq REIT (formerly Homburg REIT) was a diversified real estate investment trust with a portfolio of commercial properties throughout Canada. The company was recommended in October 2010 at $10.95 (with an income yield of 8.5%) and was acquired by a large cap REIT in March 2012 at a price of $16.50 (total gain at SELL recommendation of over 52%). The REIT was recommended as a result of its stable long-term revenue model, a valuation which was attractive relative to its peer group, and a strong pipeline of internal and external growth opportunities.
Brookfield Infrastructure Income Fund (BIP.UN:TSX)
Brookfield Infrastructure Income Fund (BIP.UN:TSX) is a diversified infrastructure company with a global portfolio of long-life assets generating stable revenues on long-term contracts. The company was recommended in March 2011 at $21.62 (with an income yield of 5.7%) and currently trades at $34.45 for a total gain of over 67%. We recommended the company because we saw an opportunity for them to expand their portfolio of contracted, revenue generating assets which supports the attractive income yield. The company also traded at a reasonable valuation and has since increased their income distributions twice.

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