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Active Portfolios
Our annual Income/Growth Stock Clients gain access to the “Active Portfolios” section via their member account on www.keyStocks.com. The section provides clients up-to-date ratings, report/recommendation history, and current action notes on individual stocks in our Active Coverage Universe in one interface. By utilizing their own discount brokerage accounts (with the financial firm of their choice), clients can begin to build their own portfolio or mirror KeyStone’s Active Portfolios, utilizing our BUY, SELL & HOLD ratings on the individual stocks over time.
4 Specific Portfolios
In response to client requests we have separated our research into 4 specific portfolios.

1. Conservative Growth Portfolio
2. Moderate Growth Portfolio
3. Aggressive Growth Portfolio
4. Hybrid Portfolio

The first 3 include stocks separated by their individual level of risk based on a number of factors including relative size, industry, liquidity, cyclicality, and the individual stocks potential for gains (both income and capital appreciation). Our “Hybrid Portfolio” consists of top recommendations from our Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive Growth portfolios in one diversified portfolio. We have also developed a new “Monitor List” for stocks in Active Coverage which may have recently received a SELL rating, remain both a long and short-term HOLD, or we are monitoring for appropriate entry points.

Below is a sample screenshot of the Active Portfolio Section:
Hybrid Portfolio
The hybrid model portfolio consists of our top recommendations from our conservative, moderate, and aggressive Growth portfolios. The purpose of this portfolio is to provide clients with a basic format for creating their own portfolio, providing exposure to each individual risk class – conservative, moderate, and aggressive.

Conservative Growth
Stocks in the Conservative Growth portfolio are typically large-cap companies with lower relative levels of risk and earnings volatility.

Moderate Growth
Stocks in the Moderate Growth portfolio are typically mid-cap companies with moderate relative levels of risk and earnings volatility.

Aggressive Growth
Stocks in the Aggressive Growth portfolio are typically small-cap companies with potentially higher relative levels of risk and earnings volatility.

Monitor List
Stocks on the Monitor List include stocks in Active Coverage which may have recently received a SELL rating, remain both a long and short-term HOLD, or we are monitoring for appropriate entry points.
KeyStone’s Analyst Hosted Q&A Session
  • KeyStone’s next exclusive “client only” bi-monthly ISR chat session is scheduled for:

  • Date: 8/29/2018
    Time: 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time/8:30 p.m. Eastern Time
Duration: 1 hour

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  • “If you spent the past year investing where KeyStone Financial told you to, you would probably be watching me on a big expensive television…average gain of over 60%”
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  • “My Keystone portfolio of 16 stocks is up 56% since last Feb. 2010 (one year).”
  • - Geraldt, KeyStone Client, February 21, 2011.
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  • “Thank you for getting back to me - I have been a platinum client now for almost a year and have been extremely satisfied with Ryan and yours level of research and expertise in finding these companies. With your help over this period, I have been able to see some very nice gains in the likes of World Point, Cash Store, and MOSAID.”
  • - Reeve, KeyStone Client
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  • “I have been quite happy with the Income Stocks Reports especially, and Small-Cap as well. I was up $32,000 Monday and $7000 today on mostly Keystone picks.”
  • - Dave Lawrence, KeyStone Subscriber