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Canadian Investors building a US Portfolio Strategy

Kelowna Oct 17th, Langley Oct 18th, Victoria Oct 19th, Vancouver Oct 24th, Edmonton Oct 25th, Calgary Oct 26th

*Bonus Topics*

  • Create Your DIY Portfolio Including Canadian & U.S. Growth Stocks and Income (Dividend) Stocks Based on Risk Tolerance.
  • &
  • How to Separate Great Long-Term Winners from Near-Term "Opportunity Stocks", and Those You Should Never Invest In.

Fall Workshop Dates

October 17th 2017 @7pm KELOWNA The Coast Capri Hotel

October 18th 2017 @7pm LANGLEY The Sandman Signature Langley Hotel

October 19th 2017 @7pm VICTORIA The Coast Victoria Hotel

October 24th 2017 @7pm VANCOUVER UBC Robson Square

October 25th 2017 @7pm EDMONTON The Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel

October 26th 2017 @7pm CALGARY The Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre

Cost - $29.95


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Listen to KeyStone's Senior Dividend Stock Analyst Talk the Markets, Dividend Growth Stocks, and our DIY Seminar Series on Money Talks with Michael Campbell

Learn to Build a Simple Stock Portfolio to Crush the Market

Dissatisfied with high fees and meager returns from traditional big bank mutual fund and ETF investing? You are not alone.

There is a powerful movement across the country - we see it every day as we add more new clients. Canadians are taking charge of their financial future and looking for simple alternatives to help them build long-term wealth.

For the past 18-years KeyStone has been helping thousands of Canadians build simple 10-12 stock portfolios composed of cash generating and underfollowed stocks. We stress quality stocks over quantity in an effort to beat the market long-term.

In our DIY Investment Seminar, we share our strategies as well as a couple of recent stock selections to get you started on your path towards financial independence.

Our seminar is not going to sell you insurance, help you do your taxes, provide an estate plan, show you an exotic and risk futures or options strategies - all KeyStone does research stocks.

We are equity specialists focusing on the largest and most important component of your portfolio long-term – quality stocks.

About the Event

The seminar is designed to give Canadian investors the tools they need to add U.S. Stock exposure to their portfolios. We cover everything from how many U.S. stocks to hold, what type to buy, how to buy, what companies to stay away from and how to integrate these stocks into your overall equity portfolio. Plus we start you on your way to creating a winning US portfolio by including 3-4 great U.S. Stocks.

The recent strength in the Canadian dollar has provided the best buying opportunity from a currency perspective in 2-years, but there are more factors at play than just the dollar - we navigate you through a multitude of factors why it is essential for any Canadian equity investor to hold US stocks.

KeyStone's U.S. DIY Stock Portfolio Seminar

  1. Lesson 1: Strategy and Investing for Growth and Income
  2. Lesson 2: Investing in the U.S. Market for Canadians
    1. An Introduction to the U.S. Market
    2. Economy: U.S. versus Canada (and the World)
    3. Stock Market: U.S. versus Canada (and the World).
    4. Assessment of Current State and Recent History of US Market
    5. Currency Exchange and Implications
    6. U.S. Regulations and Taxes for Canadian Investors
    7. Industries to Watch
  3. Lesson 3: Three to Five Top US Stock Picks
  4. Lesson 4: U.S Investing Resources and Real World Analysis

How many stocks should I own?

One of the more important decisions you will make is the structure of your equity (stock) portfolio. Diversification can be your friend but it can also be your enemy. To beat the market, you cannot just be the market. Our strategy stresses quality over quantity and will give simple and effective number of great stocks to help you build two critical equity portfolios – growth and income. In the end, these two mini-portfolios will help you build a winning formula for your overall DIY stock portfolio..

What stocks to buy?

The most critical element in equity investing is knowing which individual stocks to buy and which to avoid. In this segment, we will focus on the basic fundamental criteria we use to look at any stock as a potential investment. From revenue, earnings, cash flow, and balance sheet considerations to the industry, near and long-term growth catalysts, valuations to management – we cover our successful strategies.

When to buy?

Our DIY portfolio strategy involved staggered purchases over a 12 to 18-month period. We help you build a concentrated portfolio of high quality growth and income (dividend paying) stocks. Purchasing 1-2 stocks each month over a year will help prevent you from purchasing your shares at a near-term market top.

Perhaps most importantly, when to sell?

Investing is not just knowing what stocks to buy, it is also about knowing when to sell. We take your through our sell process included the primary valuation considerations, outlook and the nature of the stocks business (cyclical vs. non- cyclical). We also review the strategy of selling partial positions – SELL HALF for example. The decision to sell can also become more difficult when you are dealing with a good company. To illustrate, we take you through a couple recent SELL examples from stocks in our active coverage.

Insight into our Methodology

We introduce you the methodology that has allowed us to uncover both unknown growth and dividend stocks that have produces tremendous returns including;

Canadian & US Growth Stocks

  • The Boyd Group Income Fund (BYD.UN:TSX) – Up 3,700% and still a BUY.
  • WaterFurnace Renewable Energy Inc. (WFI:TSX) – SOLD for a 2,561% gain.
  • Enghouse Systems Ltd. (ENGH:TSX) - Up 600% and still a BUY.
  • Janna Systems Inc. (JAN:TSX) – Taken over for a 4,185% gain.

Recent (Past Year)

  • Photon Control Inc. (PHO:TSX-V) – 221% gain and counting.
  • Applied Optoelectronics Inc. (AAOI:NASD) – 222% gain and counting.

Canadian Income (Dividend) Stocks

  • Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. (BIP.UN:TSX) – 291% and counting
  • Exchange Income Corporation (EIF:TSX) – 250% and counting

About the Events

Join top stock pickers Ryan Irvine and Aaron Dunn from KeyStone Financial for a 2-hour workshop on how to build a simple portfolio designed to crush the market. Learn simple, proven, and powerful methods to identify which stocks to buy, which to avoid, and how to build an effective portfolio from the ground up. The seminar will focus on two key areas of your portfolio - growth and income (dividend).

About KeyStone

We are an independent financial advisor offering specific BUY/SELL research reports to our client base across Canada and into the U.S. A unique research firm, KeyStone Financial has a proven track record of successfully uncovering undervalued small-, micro-, and mid-cap growth and value stocks with tremendous upside potential, before the broader financial arena.


  1. Introduction
  2. Strategies and stocks for Canadian investors looking to BUY U.S. Stocks - take advantage of the recent strength in the Canadian dollar;
  3. How to build your own equity portfolio using KeyStone’s Growth, Income, and US research services - specifically;
  4. How to separate great long-term buy and hold stocks from near-term "opportunity stocks", and those you should never invest in.
  5. Specific stock recommendations to get you portfolio started or give your existing portfolio a boost.
  6. Open Questions from the Audience
  7. Conclusion

How do we do it?

Two decades ago KeyStone’s founder read a quote from the most successful investor of all time, Warren Buffett.

Buffett was asked, if he were coming into the investment field today, what areas would you tell him to point himself in?

Buffett: “Well, if I were doing – if I were coming in and working with small sums of capital I’d tell him to do exactly what I did 40-odd years ago, which is to learn about every company in the United States that has publicly traded securities and that bank of knowledge will do him or her terrific good over time.”

Smith (interviewer): But there’s 27,000 public companies.

Buffett: “Well, start with the A’s.”

We took this idea to heart.

Three times each year KeyStone analysts look through the financial statements and outlook for every publicly traded stock in Canada (over 3,500) and 5,000 in the U.S.

Our efforts to leave no stone unturned helps differentiate our research within the Canadian market. It helps us uncover little anomalies in areas where others do not take the time to look.

Unique cash flowing businesses are reasonable prices which can make great long-term investments.

We look forward to having you at our very first DIY Investment Seminar, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.