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Canadian Investors building a US Portfolio Strategy

We’re bringing you our DIY Stock Investment Seminar Series direct to video!

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Learn to Build a Simple Stock Portfolio to Crush the Market

Dissatisfied with high fees and meager returns from traditional big bank mutual fund and ETF investing? You are not alone.

There is a powerful movement across the country - we see it every day as we add more new clients. Canadians are taking charge of their financial future and looking for simple alternatives to help them build long-term wealth.

For the past 18-years KeyStone has been helping thousands of Canadians build simple 10-12 stock portfolios composed of cash generating and underfollowed stocks. We stress quality stocks over quantity in an effort to beat the market long-term.

In our DIY Investment Seminar, we share our strategies as well as a couple of recent stock selections to get you started on your path towards financial independence.

Our seminar is not going to sell you insurance, help you do your taxes, provide an estate plan, show you an exotic and risk futures or options strategies - all KeyStone does research stocks.

We are equity specialists focusing on the largest and most important component of your portfolio long-term – quality stocks.

DIY Stock Investing Lesson Descriptions

Lesson 1: Using a Winning Strategy

In the first lesson, we take a high-level view of investing and talk about strategy. What is strategy and why is it important? This lesson looks at strategy as a framework for making investment decisions. Implementing an intelligent and focused strategy helps investors figure out which investments to buy, which to sell, what signals opportunity and what signals danger. We break-down the most important components of KeyStone’s investment strategy in a structure directly applicable to real work investing.

Lesson 2: Your US Growth Stock Portfolio - How to Structure it and Specific Buy Recommendations

In this segment, we identify our two areas of focus in our U.S Growth/Value Stock Research and why we believe these stocks will continue to outperform long-term: profitable, growing earnings-based small-cap stocks and dividend growth stocks. We at ten key points that make up our “profile of a great stock” and reveal how to structure your US Growth Stock Portfolio, including how many stocks to buy, what stocks to buy, from which sectors, and over what period. We conclude with a review of a Canadian-based growth stock which is doing business primarily in the US that serves as a great example of the type of businesses we look to buy and identify and recommend three unique and entirely underfollowed U.S. stocks that are currently in coverage.

Lesson 3: Investing in the United States for Canadians

In this lesson, we take a close look at the U.S. stock market and cover some of the reasons why diversification outside of Canada is important. The topics of currency risk, regulatory considerations and taxation are also discussed. Then we look at the current condition of the U.S. stock market and economy and give our best practices and guidelines for practical investing. Finally, we highlight a few select areas of the U.S. stock market where we are seeing good opportunities.

Lesson 4: Six Quick Steps Any Investor Can Use to Identify Whether a Stock is Investment Quality or Pure Speculation

In our final segment, we help arm the inexperienced to average investor with the tools necessary to handle any “hot stock tip” they may come across. The tutorial is designed to help the lay investor discover where to go to take a quick look at in business fundamentals of any US stock including, if the company has sales, earnings, debt and what its outlook is moving forward. The goal is, investors using these six steps will be better able to discover whether a stock is highly speculative (for Monopoly money only) or potentially investment grade (worth your hard-earned dollars) – in 2-10 minutes.