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New Year, New Investment Strategy!

Make 2018 the year you start taking advantage of our unique cash flow based small-caps to start building your portfolio.

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January 2018 could not be a better time as we are set to release our annual Cash Rich, Profitable Small-Cap Report which, each year, highlights some of the most profitable, growing Canadian stocks that fly under the radar of traditional big-bank advisors.

In fact, in the 2017 report we recommended:

  • International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD:TSX) as a New Focus BUY. The stock traded at $2.36. Less than three months later it was acquired at $4.25 for an 80% gain
We also reiterated our BUY on:
  • Photon Control Inc. (PHO:TSX) (originally recommended at $0.46) at the start of 2017 with the stock trading at $0.82.Today, the stock closed at $1.82, up 122% in the last year and 296% since our original recommendation.
The longest standing recommendation from our Focus BUY list, a serial outperformer:
  • Boyd Group Income Fund (BYD.UN:TSX) recently hit the $100.00 plateau. The stock was originally recommended at $2.30 – it has now gained over 4,200%!

Over the past 6-years, over 25 companies profiled in KeyStone’s Cash Rich Report have gone on to be acquired at very significant premiums – proof we are uncovering unique value stocks positioned to make our clients’ great returns.

Do not miss out on this year’s 2018 Cash Rich, Profitable Small-Cap Report that’s set for release in January. 

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