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All We Do is Stocks
A New Twist on Time Tested Research Methodology – we know stocks

On the heels of the 2008 financial crisis and the past decade (2000-2010) where investors saw their dollars invested in major North American indexes including the S&P 500 post negative returns in the range of -23%, investors are looking for better solutions for their portfolios.
Traditional mutual funds and jack-of-all trade financial advisors do not cut it anymore. Equities (stocks) form the most important component of your portfolio. For investors with beyond a 10 year horizon, equities can often comprise around 70% of your portfolio and should be responsible for the majority of the growth within your portfolio. Moreover, for those close to or in retirement, the dividends provided by strong, cash flow positive equities can provide the income necessary to supplement your existing pension or other income vehicles.

Entrusting all your critical growth and income related capital in your portfolio to traditional financial advisors whose knowledge is stretched thin between retirement, insurance, estate planning, and taxation responsibilities, or to traditional fund managers (who charge too much and continually underperform the market) just does not make sense.

With stocks often comprising up to 70% of your portfolio, it is critical that this component receive your primary focus. As such, we put the focus on research and stock selection. Unlike your bank's financial advisor, we will NOT try to sell you the following;

By all means, use the nice man or women at your financial institution for these services; that is what they are they for. But use KeyStone for expert research in the critical equity component of your portfolio. All we do is stocks – no distractions.

KeyStone continues to use a simple, but highly effective strategy - literally pouring over the financial statements of 1,000s of potential investments to target low priced, income producing, profitable stocks before the broader market identifies their tremendous growth potential. We interview management and continue to follow them on your behalf, giving you specific BUY/SELL/HOLD advice designed to help you profit as a long-term investor.

Bottom line: You get expert advice at the best price.

KeyStone's Media Appearances

Current and future television, radio, & conference appearances by our top-ranked analysts.

Friday, September 08, 2017:
KeyStone at The MoneyShow Toronto

Tuesday, May 23, 2017:
KeyStone's DIY Stock Investment Seminar series kicks off in Vancouver

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