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About KeyStone
KeyStone is a financial advisor with a 18 year track record of generating outstanding results for our clients. We take a GARP (growth at a reasonable price) approach to identifying and recommending fundamentally strong and low priced small-cap and income growth stocks. Through our investment research Services – KeyStone’s Small Cap Research Service and Key Stone’s Income Stock Research Service – clients receive regular monthly BUY/SELL stock recommendations, full updated reports, access to recommended stock portfolios (8-12 stocks each), online analyst hosted chat sessions, insightful market commentary, special reports and recommendations, comprehensive industry reports, and much more.

New Special Bonus

Small-Cap Platinum Members, Income Stock Clients, and Premium Combo Clients receive our 75 page starter guide, KeyStone's Equity PlayBook - designed to take clients through every step of the stock investment process from finding the best discount brokerage, to allocating the appropriate level of cash in your Small-Cap and/or Income Stock portfolios to knowing what to BUY, when to SELL and everything in between - a great tool for novice and experienced investors alike.
Our Small Cap Strategy
KeyStone has a proven track record of successfully uncovering undervalued small-, micro-, and mid-cap growth and value stocks with tremendous upside potential before the broader financial arena. Real companies, producing real revenue and earnings growth, trading at low prices – How do we do it? We simply dig deeper and search further into areas where traditional big bank or large institutional research will not look – providing you with independent first coverage on some of Canada’s fastest growing small-cap stocks.

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Our Dividend Growth Strategy
Dividend stocks consistently outperform their non-dividend counterparts by a wide margin. KeyStone’s Income Stock Research helps investors identify the market’s best ‘dividend and income growth stocks’ –companies that not only pay a healthy income stream to investors, but also have the capacity to grow that distribution over time. We search for and discover companies with strong growth and cash flow, reasonable levels of business and financial risk that are trading at discounted prices, generating clients both steady income and solid capital appreciation.

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KeyStone’s Philosophy
In the world of stock markets dominated by large banks and investment companies, KeyStone’s independent Research Services offer a unique and completely independent perspective designed help savvy investors make informed portfolio decisions.

We base our analysis on extensive theoretical background of fundamental equity research. It’s been around for over 75 years and has delivered results for our clients for well over a decade and helped Warren Buffett become the richest investor on the planet.

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Independent Insight
A hallmark of our research is independence. KeyStone is not affiliated with any bank or brokerage company, nor do we accept any remuneration (cash or shares) for the inclusion of a company in our research (BUY/SELL/HOLD advice). Our purpose is to provide clients our services objective information through independent research.

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Transparent & Cost Effective
Our one flat annual fee based approach is very transparent (no hidden fees) and saves you significant capital that you can put to work each year to help you beat the market long term. The savings really add up and can let you take control of your financial future.

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All We Do is Stocks
On the heels of the 2008 financial crisis and the past decade (2000-2010) where investors saw their dollars invested in major North American indexes including the S&P 500 post negative returns in the range of -23%, investors are looking for better solutions for their portfolios.

Traditional mutual funds and jack-of-all trade financial advisors do not cut it anymore. Equities (stocks) form the most important component of your portfolio. Entrusting all your critical growth and income related capital in your portfolio to traditional financial advisors whose knowledge isstretched thin between retirement, insurance, estate planning, and taxation responsibilities, or to traditional fund managers (who charge too much and continually underperform the market) just does not make sense.

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KeyStone's Media Appearances

Current and future television, radio, & conference appearances by our top-ranked analysts.

Friday, September 08, 2017:
KeyStone at The MoneyShow Toronto

Tuesday, May 23, 2017:
KeyStone's DIY Stock Investment Seminar series kicks off in Vancouver

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Latest Research Reports

Cash Rich Unique Tech Driven Micro-Cap Posts Solid Q4 and 2017 Annual Results as Expected, Backlog at New Record - Ratings Maintained
Healthcare Monitoring Small-Cap Reports Disappointing Auditor Resignation, Risk Increases – Downgrade to SELL
Cash Rich Communications Software Company Post Better-Than-Expected Q1 2018 Results, Stock Not Cheap But Long-Term Potential Remains – Rating Upgrade
Software Company Reports Solid Growth in Q1 With 45% Higher EPS – Recurring Revenue, Net Cash Balance Sheet, Growth Outlook and Valuation Make for an Attractive Investment Opportunity
Unique Gold Related Small-Cap Posts Record Q4 Production, Pays off Debt and Positions for Growth in 2017 – Maintain SPEC BUY
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Hotel Income Properties REIT Continues to Report Lower Cash Flow per Unit in Spite of Significant Growth in Overall Revenue and Net Operating Income – Rating Reduced to SELL
Utilities, Power Generation and Natural Gas Processing Company Rating Reduced to HOLD Due to Uncertainty Surrounding WGL Acquisition
Diversified – Specialty Aviation and Manufacturing Company Delivers Another Record Quarter in Q4 2018 and Raises Dividend – Outlook Remains Positive and BUY Rating Maintained
Top Dividend Growth Stock Posts 45% Earnings Growth in Q1 - Recurring Revenue, Net Cash, Growth, and Attractive Valuation Prompt Upgrade to Hybrid Portfolio
Infrastructure Company Reports Strong Q4 Results – Increased Focus on Organic Growth Opportunities in Competitive Acquisition Market
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