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Purchasing Item: Dividend Re-Investment Plans (DRIPs) Report

“DRIPing” is one of the most powerful, but least talkedabout financial strategies on Wall Street  - why? Because a DRIP can beset-up so investors pay no ongoing brokerage fees. If Wall Street isn’t gettinga cut, then you are not likely to hear about it. For a long-term investor,DRIPs can be great – not only do you pay no ongoing broker fees, you can buyshares in some great companies at a discount to their price on the market(often 2-5%!). It’s like being a member of an exclusive investment club and it’sFREE!  In our Special DRIP Report, we start by explains in layman’s termswhat a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) is and how to start one. We look atthe pro’s and con’s of DRIP investing and whether a synthetic or full drip isright for you. The report provides a list of over 100 stocks in Canada thatoffer DRIPs. Perhaps most importantly, we include specific BUY reports from ourresearch coverage on a few select stocks which investors can use to begincreating their high quality, long-term DRIP portfolios. Quite simply advice andspecific recommendations you can find nowhere else.

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