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Purchasing Item: Income Stock REIT 2014 Report
  Within this report, we have provided a comprehensive analysis on the REIT sector and its 36 individual constituents which together account for $50 billion in total market cap. The purpose of our analysis is to provide a general overview of the condition of the REIT sector today (financials and valuations) compared to historical conditions in order to ascertain if the sector is over-, under-, or fairly-valued and gain a sense of the overall risk of owning REITs in the current market. This report contains commentary and financial data on past and current REIT fundamentals, a 10 year historical valuation analysis, write-ups on 9 REITs that we thought deserved highlighting, full updates on all 5 REITs currently under coverage, and appendices containing information on interest/bond yield fundamentals, REIT analysis, and definitions of terms used in the report.
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